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Ricoh Aficio 480W

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SPEED: 7 D-Size (36″ x 24″) Per Minute
MAXIMIM SIZE: 36″ x 230″
PAPER ROLL SIZES: 18″ to 36″ 500 Foot Rolls
RESOLUTION: 600 x 600 dpi
TONER YIELD: 30,000 Square Feet
DIMENSIONS: (H x W x D) 47 x 50 x 29

485 lbs

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It’s time for a new way of generating wide format documents. A solution that reduces your costs, improves your productivity and boosts your responsiveness—and doesn’t rely on outside vendors or require traditional, centralized imaging systems. Introducing the Ricoh 480W Wide Format Digital Imaging System. Its small footprint delivers the cutting-edge performance you’ve come to expect only from outside vendors or centralized repro departments. It empowers your staff to copy, print, scan and e-mail documents themselves, boosting productivity and improving turnarounds.
“Copiers Solution” offers full warranty coverage for a full 120 days on all copiers purchased including the Ricoh Aficio 480W. This period starts on the date the copier is received by the buyer. As such, the buyer has ample time to have their copier installed by a trained technician. During the shipping process, vibrations may occur. This may result in the need to make adjustments to the copier once the copier arrives at destination. For this reason, “Copiers On Sale” takes full responsibility for the copier purchased. Our responsibility includes paying for all missing or broken parts and consumables, as well as labor, for the first 120 days following delivery. Any non-consumable parts are covered for an additional 2 years following the initial 120 day warranty.